Fanfare is pleased to announce that on June 4th 2018 we welcomed the Town of Harvard’s 1931 Steinway piano back to the stage after 30+ years of neglect and obscurity. Students and faculty had a chance to debut this great instrument at the small ensemble concert. Special thanks to the Karpel Family Foundation for their generous gift of $3500 and to all the donors both big and small that made this $9264 restoration possible. We also would like to recognize the team of craftsman who restored and cared for this instrument: Thomas Rourk, Piano Technician and Kevin De Sano of Maggio Custom Refinishing as well as Allegro Piano Movers.

To enhance and protect this investment, a new padded cover and piano bench are needed. We continue to raise funds for the music departments as they are also seeking to maximize the use of their current upright pianos by purchasing a new dolly for the Yamaha upright piano. The department is still seeking an amplified electric piano would be best suited for daily use during Bromfield’s choir practice and jazz ensemble concerts.