Please support the “88 Keys” Piano Improvement Campaign.

Under the leadership of Rebecca Ufema and Craig Robbins, the Unified Arts Department completed an extensive inventory and assessment of all the instruments in the Bromfield and Hildreth Elementary Schools. Several of the practice pianos are in fair condition and the 1931 Steinway M series grand piano (recently acquired from the Town Hall) is in need of refurbishment. Surveys by several piano restoration specialists determined that this instrument was well worth the reinvestment of approximately $9600 to bring it back to concert quality. To enhance and protect this investment, a new mobile base, padded cover and piano bench are also needed.

The music departments are also seeking to maximize the use of their current upright pianos by purchasing a new dolly for the Yamaha upright piano, relocating a Baldwin upright to Mr. Gilfix’s classroom and replacing the piano in the HES cafe. Lastly an amplified electric piano would be best suited for daily use during Bromfield’s choir practice and jazz ensemble concerts.

Funds we have raised as of October 2017          $2300

Karpel Family Foundation matching grant          $3500

Funds needed to reach our goal                            $8400

Please consider sponsoring a piano key for $100 to support the purchase of one of the items listed below:

The Piano Improvement Program includes:

Repair/Restore 1931 Steinway M Piano               $9600

New Padded Cover                                                   $400

New Heavy-duty Dolly for Steinway M                   $550

New Adjustable Piano Bench                                  $300

New Dolly for Yamaha U1 Upright                          $450

Amplified Digital Piano HP605 by Roland             $2500

Digital Piano Dolly                                                     $400

Our Total Fundraising Goal                                     $14200