The Thomas E Reynolds – Fanfare Award Program is named in honor of Thomas E Reynolds, Instrumental Teacher of The Bromfield School from 1999 to 2016.  Mr. Reynolds dedication to music education and the students of the Harvard Public Schools has inspired our students to travel and perform with high level, competitive bands and orchestras and bring those experiences back to our schools.

Fanfare offers two scholarship opportunities for Harvard Students:  One for graduating seniors and one for younger students.  The details for each are below.

The Senior Award is awarded annually to a senior to recognize their outstanding achievement in or contribution to Bromfield music program.

To download the Senior Scholarship application

click here:   2019 Senior Award Application

The Summer Scholarship is awarded to Bromfield student(s) who are attending a summer music camp or program in order to further their music studies over the summer.

To download the Summer Scholarship application

click here:  2019 Summer Camp Scholarship