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Fanfare’s main source of revenue comes from our fall membership drive, from Harvard and Devens residents and music lovers like you!

All funds raised by Fanfare are distributed through a grant process open to students and faculty which is used to fund special requests  for items not available in the school budget.

In recent years Fanfare has purchased new instruments for the schools, including over $1500 of rhythm instruments for the HES music department and a new drum set for Bromfield to be used by the jazz bands. Fanfare has also purchased new steel drums for teaching at HES. Accompanists for choral concerts, and piano tunings for concerts have also been paid for by Fanfare. Instrument storage at Bromfield is done in individual storage lockers provided to the students by Fanfare. And lastly, we annually give a significant scholarship to a student or students who will continue their music education after high school as well as summer music scholarships.

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